The goal of this website is to provide missing tutorials in the domain of C++ and Qt framework. The website exists since 2013 and attempts to explain topics of intermediate difficulty in an approachable manner. While the website strives to provide real-life coding examples, for educational reasons it occasionally simplifies certain problems.

Current focus and future direction

The website is currently focused on general topics that concern GUI applications (deployment, help, file I/O), the QGraphics capability of the Qt framework, multithreading in Qt, STL-related topics in C++. While these topics will remain of interest in the future, the predominant focus of the website is going to shift to design patterns and new features introduced by C++11, C++14, and C++17 (smart pointers, move semantics and functional programming concepts).

Content use restrictions

Unless stated otherwise, the source code and code snippets published on this website are public domain and you are free to use them as you please without explicitly mentioning the source. You are free to use the images as long as you visibly mention the source.

Update policy

The website is updated on a regular basis. The top priority is given to correcting mistakes in the code. The second highest priority is given to the compatibility with the latest versions of Qt and C++. The date of the last update is mentioned at the bottom of a specific webpage.

Compliance with best coding practices and official documentation

Although a maximum effort is put into making sure that the tutorials follow best coding practices, please notice that tutorials on this website do not form part of any official documentation. Please, always check your code against the officially acknowledged sources for Qt and C++.

Reference list for tutorials

The tutorials follow the coding practices from the following sources 1.Mark Summerfield: Advanced QT Programming (2011). 2.Bjarne Stroustrup: Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ (2014). 3.Edward Scheinerman: C++ for Mathematicians (2006), 4.Kurt Guntheroth: Optimized C++ (2016), 5.Andrei Alexandrescu: Modern C++ Design (2001). In addition, the website heavily relies online resources provided by Official Qt documentation and Qt Quarterly. Resources related to specific topics are mentioned directly in the text.

Privacy policy

This website observes a privacy policy. The details can be found on the dedicated webpage Privacy Policy.